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Who Are We ?

Shenzhen Wonderful Technology Co., Ltd. 
Greentest manufacturer
Founded in 2005 
Headquarters in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China 
Our company dedicates ourselves to changing the quality of life and protecting us and our children from the infringement of 
harmful impurities, nitrates and nitrites. As a result, a revolutionary new food safety testing equipment – Greentest, has been 
developed, which allows detecting fruits and vegetables cultivated improperly and evaluating the concentration of nitrates. 
It helps us satisfy our “greenlife” desires to rub the lamp.
  • Red shows a warning that the additives concentration is more than twice above norms.
  • Yellow requires an attention that the additives concentration is above norms, needing to look more closely at the result.
  • Green gives a permission that the additives concentration is within norms. It’s OK to enjoy the food.

Multi-Language Supported
√Russian, English, Ukrainian

Color Options
√White, Black

Vegetables and fruits 
various amounts of salt ions, 
98% of which are nitrate ions
The Greentest probe applies 
a precisely regulated electrical current to 
a fruit or vegetable specimen
The proprietary Greentest algorithm 

accurately calculates the specimen’s nitrate content by 

comparing its electrical conductivity against a database 

obtained from exhaustive mass spectrometer testing 
of similar specimens under laboratory conditions

The results displayed are certified to be more than 90% accurate
according to third party testing
- more than enough to determine the safety of the specimen

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