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Speaking of food safety and sanitation, we have to take into account what makes food unsafe and unsanitary. After finishing reading the contents below, you’ll get the point and attach great importance to foodsafety.

How healthy are your fresh fruit and vegetables?

Fertilizers that contain necessary elements for plant growth are used for cultivating fruits and vegetables. However, misuse of production technology, usage of prohibited fertilizers, pesticides and chemicals, as well as an increased level of fertilizer concentrations in the soil can all result in a serious damage to your health. Of all the substances that are transferred to the soil from fertilizers, nitrates are one of the most harmful if consumed in excess. Continuous intake of food with a high nitrate content may lead to an elevated risk of serious diseases, which is also a representative foodsafety problem.

Are you being exposed to dangerous agricultural chemicals? Many farmers apply too much fertilizer. This can result in unsafe levels of fruit nitrate and vegetable nitrate content. It’s especially dangerous to children as their inadequacy of food safety and sanitation awareness.

Nitrates and nitrites in fruit and vegetables: The risk to human health

Most health conscious people know about the dangers of pesticides in fresh fruit and vegetables. Few are aware that fresh fruit and vegetables expose them to dangerous nitrates.




 Boost crop yields

 Protect plants from pests

 Where found

 Within fruit and vegetable

 Outer skin and within


 Long term risk of serious disease, carcinogenic

 Long term risk of serious disease, carcinogenic

 Where regulated


 Most countries

 Estimated exposure

 Estimated 60% meet standards

 Estimated 99%+ meet standards


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Due to lack of foodsafety regulations and consumer awareness, nitrates in fresh fruit and vegetables pose a greater threat than pesticides

Nitrates cause serious disease

It has long been established that excessive nitrates are harmful to health.
Excessive nitrate consumption causes blue baby syndrome and adult methemoglobinemia. Nitrates significantly increase the risk of diabetes, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease and certain types of cancer.
Some researchers believe that the dramatic rise in cancer of the esophagus recorded over recent decades can be attributed to excessive nitrates in fruit and vegetables.

Nitrate content in fresh produce is unregulated

Due to the dangers, most jurisdictions tightly control the nitrate content of meat products. Food producers who add nitrates to meat must comply with strict regulations and labelling requirements.
Unfortunately nitrate levels in fresh fruit and vegetables are unregulated and unchecked in most places. There are no standards for producers or labelling requirements for sellers.
This is a risk factor. Improper farming and storage methods can result in excessive nitrate content in fruit and vegetables. Because there is no testing for nitrate levels at any point in the supply chain, consumers of fresh fruit and vegetables are exposed to unnecessary danger.

Healthy eaters are most at risk

According to the research and study in food safety and sanitation field, no food is ever completely safe. Even fresh fruit and vegetables can make people sick from contamination from bacteria, pesticides and other residues.
Consumers are largely protected from these risks by testing and regulatory oversight. However they are not protected from excessive nitrate content in fresh fruit and vegetables. There is no oversight.
Because of this omission, healthconscious people who eat healthy amounts of raw and lightly cooked fresh fruit and vegetables have a greater risk of consuming harmful nitrates.

More dangerous than pesticides ?

People seeking healthier food often choose produce that’s grown organically – without pesticides and herbicides. But that organic label can provide a false sense of foodsafety.
Fruit and vegetables certified organic may still contain high levels of nitrates, absorbed from overapplication of natural fertilizers such as manure. So while avoiding harmful inorganic contaminants the consumer may be exposed to unsafe nitrate levels.
Currently the only way to know fruit and vegetables are completely safe is by analyzing the nitrate content of the food you eat.

There Is A Difference – Always On Green Side

Don’t worry ! Nitrate levels in fruit and vegetables can now be measured quickly, easily, and accurately !

Our company dedicates ourselves to changing the quality of life and protecting us and our children from the infringement of harmful impurities, nitrates and nitrites. As a result, a revolutionary new food safety testing device – Greentest, has been developed, which allows detecting fruits and vegetables cultivated improperly and evaluating the concentration of nitrates. It helps us satisfy our “greenlife” desires to rub the lamp.

Give Your Food A Health Check

Now you can identify unhealthy fruit and vegetables with this food safety and sanitation testing equipment – Greentest


Greentest dedicate ourselves to changing the quality of people’s lives and helping to construct a healthy-living foodsafety concept. As soon as Greentest accessed into the market as a new arrival, it was critically acclaimed and got picked up by a lot of news services, domestic and overseas. As the idea of living a green healthy life is receiving more and more attention, the development prospect of Greentest will be more than bright and boundless.

Moreover, we are also a manufacturer which specializes in producing various kinds of PCBs and PCBAs with high technological contents and high quality requirements. Up to now, the factory premises area of our company is about 20,000 m², we hire more than 700 employees and have a total assets of nearly 100 million RMB. 

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