Greentest focus on health product, at this particular time, we provide Non-Touch forehead thermometer all over the world, you can order here online, but if you need a lot you can contact us for custom quote and delivery. We also offer disposable face mask, and don’t hesitate to contact if you need help, hope you can help you more.

Usually we will send to you within 24 hours due to the time difference, and you can get it 2-4 days. And all of them are free shipping.

The following images show our manufacturing process.

We provide production run and the unit price will be more lower.

PCB Manufacturing

PCB Finished

Forehead Thermometer Sensor

Forehead Thermometer PCBA

Forehead Thermometer Shell

Forehead Thermometer Final Test

Contact us for more products from China you need. All the world is one family, and hope we can help more people.