Greentest ECO 6

Greentest ECO 6


  • Radiation Detector-The upgraded Geiger-Müller tube can detect in your immediate environment ionizing radiation, such as gamma, beta, alpha, x-rays, and cosmic radiation to alert you to unsafe radiation exposure.
  • Water Tester-Can detect total dissolved solids/water hardness in water to test for contamination in home purifying systems.
  • Instant Accurate Reading-Can display results in just 3 seconds with less than 10% margin of error.
  • Easy to use-Color touchscreen display with user friendly interface.Allow to quickly know the safety of fruit vegetable,meat,fish,water and immediate environment.Lightweight and small to carry around.
  • We offer friendly customer service,which make your purchase absolutely risk-free and you can enjoy testing it’s quality and durability.


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1. New in-touch sensitive display
Touch control of the device: improved sensitivity and increased life of the touchpad; increased brightness of the display backlight.
2. Interface:
New minimalistic design.
Simplicity and convenience of using swipe for device management.
Easy to update multilingual menu.
Online indication of radiation background.
3. The device uses a more powerful microprocessor series ARM Cortex:
• Increased data processing speed.
• Improved algorithm of nitrates consistency measuring that reduces inaccuracy chance of the result when testing the product.
4. Powered with a new algorithm for calculating the radiation level.
5. New feature to connect the device to the APP via Bluetooth.
Ability to control the device from smart phone via the APP.

3 reviews for Greentest ECO 6

  1. Dartin

    Simply The Best, every time i buy this product i end up giving it to someone dear to me.

  2. mohammed

    Children in kindergarten teacher in this, so oneself also bought a home, the kindergarten teacher to demonstration, is very simple, use rise quickly out of the results, show that the results of the very intuitive, quite good.

  3. Elisa

    This is an awesome nitrates detector for food. I am glad that I purchased this Greentest Food Detector. It is portable and well-designed. By this device, I can detect the nitrates level on the fruits and vegetables. It is very easy to use. Nitrates are chemicals that can harm to everyone. It can damage cells and also morph into molecules that may cause cancer. This nitrates tester is a must have, to have a peace of mind. It is a high quality food detector. I highly recommend this to everybody.

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